Dan Siegel

This Talk tries to define empathy

Addresses the Emotional resonance and criticisms of that by Against Empathy Articles and Book.

We'll be identifying three facets of our connectedness, as fundamental aspects of empathy.

  • connections inside of our bodies,

  • connections to other human beings, and

  • connections within all of nature,

At least five aspects of empathy.

  1. Feeling another person's feelings, or emotional resonance.

  2. Perspective taking.

  3. Understanding, cognitive empathy: Where I'd logically think through with emotional insight, so it would build on emotional intelligence, how she might be conducting her life and what things might have meaning for her

  4. . Empathic Joy

  5. Empathic Concern. . And this is basically where we sent someone else is not doing so well. For example, they may be feeling sad, or really upset for various reasons, angry, fearful, some way they're suffering, they're not feeling in a positive way. And we're concerned about that suffering. we think about what might we do to help reduce that person suffering, and then we take action to reduce that suffering.

The connection about developing empathy, and developing well being.

  • self - what is the self? modern culture has sense of individualistic self.

  • relationship

  • relationship with nature