Interview Questions

We will be interviewing empathy experts on their definitions of empathy. Create a list of questions that would be good to ask.

  1. Persons Background.

    1. Why are you interested in Empathy?

    2. What is your experience level with empathy?

      1. how many years?

      2. Academic

      3. Experiential

  2. How are you defining Empathy?

  3. Thoughts on different empathy definitions?

  4. What Empath Definition models do you know of?

  5. Affective - Cognitive Empathy Model

  6. Rogers Model

  7. Empathy, Self-Empathy, Imaginative Empathy Model

  8. What are the blocks to empathy?

  9. Would you be willing to take part in an empathy circle to do a deep dive into the definitions?