2022-09-09 - Empathy Circle: Developing the 'Defining Empathy Training

2022-09-10 - Sat. Edwin - Violeta

the overall intention of the training is to build and grow the empathy movement

1. Authorship - Give credit - development team

    • open source curriculum, we invite others to use and build on it.

    • Edwin leads the effort with a webpage of credits for contributors.

    • Culture of Empathy is host

2. How is the training held?

  • TBD

  • first cohort perhaps with the trainer developers.

  • Do the training several times for free to prototype it.

3. Pricing

    • curriculum is free and open source. anyone can use and build on it.

    • videos of training are free,

    • Trainers can charge for their personal cohorts of producing, organizing and facilitation of a course

    • try to get grants to offer the training and make it accessible