Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert

What does compassion and self-compassion mean?

  • Paul Gilbert

    • peoples inner voice was cold and hostile.

        1. asked them to Imagine a kind warm voice

        2. didn't seem to work well.

    • Started getting interested in Buddhism

    • Did a lot of different practices. drama, etc.

    • how to get an affiliative feeling for the self.

        1. affiliative : relating to the formation of social and emotional bonds with others or to the desire to create such bonds.


        1. caring behavior,

    • affiliative emotion - kindness, supportive,

    • got into attachment theory

    • mammalian caring behavior - mother caring for the child

    • calms and sooths the child and teacher emotional regulation

    • secure based for going out into the world

    • Want to activate that process in people with (CFT)

    • the root is to feel "affiliative feeling"

    • if we feel distressed we turn to relationships.

Kristin Neff

  • an experience of openheartedness

Christopher Germer

  • the experience of suffering and wanting to alleviate it.

  • an experience of openheartedness in the presence of pain

  • a capacity and skill to be with pain

  • having loving kindness