Video: The Sin of Empathy | Doug Wilson and Joe Rigney
Mar 18, 2021
"In this full episode of Man Rampant, pastors Doug Wilson and Joe Rigney discuss empathy vs. sympathy, counseling, societal anxiety, Rene Girard, and how it all relates to our current cultural fracases. '

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The Empathy Wars - Doug Wilson

Video: The Empathy Wars
In this episode, pastor Doug Wilson discusses the recent hubbub surrounding Joe Rigney and the Man Rampant episode, "The Sin of Empathy."

  • Empathy has multiple meanings

  • Sympathy and Empathy debate

    • Sympathy

      • is a Christian virtue

      • saving a someone by keeping one foot on the bank and reaching out to the drowning person

      • is sympathy a sin? saying this could be seen as provocative. Brene Brown attacked sympathy in her video. She criticized all sympathy, it drives people apart, is creates disconnection. So why can't we say empathy drives disconnection, disconnection from reality and facts on the ground. (They seem upset about this criticism and how it was done.)

    • Empathy

      • Joe and I see empathy as problematic

      • is identifying completely with the person downing.

      • The sin of empathy is totally entering the other person

      • Being provocative with saying empathy is sin is a way to get at a real issue.

      • The Woke see feelings as autonomous and unquestionable by outside reality. versus we all have our own truths.

      • Joe says Empathy B is. If I am miserable, then you must be in sin.

        • Story, a woman was making accusations against someone else and they didn't add up. the counselor said, "this is her truth", but what is the truth Doug asks. (that is why there is a trial.) Social Justice demands the primacy of feelings and it's just about power. Feelings must be measured against social justice. justice is about power and what you can get away with. This starts with empathizing with people and their feelings and not trying to find out if it is true. It sounds good to say to believe all victims, or all women.

        • is about

          • feelings versus facts

          • mobs versus courts

          • injustice or justice

          • damnation or salvation

        • Joe says, "we can grieve with others but not lose ourselves in the grief of others." putting someone else in your emotional drivers seat.

        • Joe says, "empathy is the parasitic version of sympathy. It is what sympathy looks like when it goes bad."

Video: The Sin of Empathy /Joe Rigney / Man Rampant Trailer - Doug Wilson
Oct 24, 2019
Joe Rigney and Doug Wilson kicks off Man Rampant Season 1 with his episode The Sin of Empathy.