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The surprising dark side of empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others by imagining oneself in their place. But researcher have found that if you are too in tune with other people's emotions too much of the time, it can lead to exhaustion, apathy, and even aggression and cruelty.

  • Definition - the ability to share feelings with others. resonating with others feelings.

    • ver, the process of feeling into

  • Empathy is bad because it causes you to favor ones own group. ingroup - out groupism.

    • ver. this is a block to empathy when block people. other aspects than empathy are blocking your empathy.

  • Empathy is bad because it causes empathic distress.

    • ver, the reactions people have with they empathize - feel into. are not empathy. so if you are distressed

  • Selling Compassion

    • Singer is always trying to sell compassion. keeps talking about empathic distress.