Typical Lesson Outline

Typical Lesson Outline
(2.5 hours for Participants + 1 hour for Trainers)


    1. Trainers and Trainees meet 30 min before the course to prepare and review the material and presentation roles.

  2. START: Full Group Welcome [30 min]

      1. Welcome the Participants

      2. Check-in -- Participants check in.

          1. How are you now?

          2. How was buddy call,

          3. Any questions,

          4. etc.?

      3. Q and A -- Trainers answer any questions that were in the feedback form and come up in the check-in

      4. Presentation - (Slide Show) - Trainers give a lesson presentation.

  3. Small Group Exercises and Empathy Circle to Discuss - [1.5 hour]

      1. Breakout Circles with 1 Trainer and 3 Participants.

      2. Do Exercises and Empathy Circle

  4. Full Group Debrief [30 min]

      1. Share Learnings: Each participant takes 1 minute to share experience, insights, or learnings gained

      2. Closing

          1. Recap what we did

          2. Describe next Lesson

          3. Any Trainer Final Comments

      3. Give Assignments

          1. Fill Out Session Feedback Form

          2. Schedule Empathy Buddy Call

          3. Write up - Write up a paper about your experience and insights about the facets of empathy?

          4. etc.


    1. Trainers and Trainees meet for 30 min after the course to debrief and review how the course went and then to prepare for the next Lesson.