Edwin Rutsch

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Definitions. Shannon asks What is unique about our article?

  • A different full definition of Empathy as a Way of Being ver Affective/Cognitive Empathy Model

    • Based on Rogers as the starting point.

  • A definition that excludes emotional reactions. (affective empathy)

    • Empathic Distress

    • Empathic Concern

    • Empathic Joy

    • Empathic Fatigue

    • Emotional Contagion - (do sense feelings of others but not being overwhelmed or lost in them)

  • Definition is grounded in the empathy circle.

  • The relational versus just individualistic definition. Adding empathy views as individual, dyadic, group, culture,

  • Adding Values of an Empathic way of being.

    • Empathy: presence, deep listening, sensitive to feelings

    • Mutuality: dialogue,

    • Authenticity: congruence, openness, transparency, honesty, realness,

    • Care: unconditional positive regard, connection, warmth

    • Imagination: Creativity, Innovation.

Edwin Rutsch - Empathy Definitions Notes